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Does it apply French manicures on short nails?

Depends on how short. You want a little bit of a sliver of white showing over the nail bed before you do a French, but the nails don’t really have to be long.

I wear gel polish and a French manicure a lot. It’s my favorite go-to for nails. ‘Most any other color I choose has a bad chance of clashing with my outfit as I don’t exactly dress in neutrals all the time, nor are most neutral solid manicures really my thing, but I can guarantee a French will go with any outfit my whim takes me for the couple of weeks the manicure lasts.

My nails are about as long as they ever get right now. You could only call them “sport” length, I think. The white tips are a little bit wider than the natural white smile line to give an impression of greater length.

I do my own nails. Yes, a professional could do better. But this does give you a general idea.

- Noël Lynne Figart -
Aug 09, 2017
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