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Things you need to know about Nail Piercing
Nail piercing is a completely painless and safe procedure. It does not have any of the side-effects or inflammations which often follow the piercing of other body parts.

The only thing you should take into account is the strength of your nails. If they break or peel easily, this procedure is not for you.

Pierced nails should be especially tough and resilient, which is why nail piercing is recommended for fake nails.

However, if you have decided to decorate your natural nails, first go through a strengthening therapy, enriching them with essential oils, vitamins and calcium. It is also recommended that the nails have some length.

The procedure itself is very simple. A small hole is drilled through the nail plate with a special instrument and a stud is placed through it.

You can do this at home, but considering the danger of hurting and breaking your nail, it is wiser to invest in having it done professionally by a manicurist.

Usually the ring and little finger are the ones that get pierced, because they are the least active; besides, piercing looks much gentler on them.

You can decorate every nail, or every other nail – this depends solely on your preferences and imagination. There is a great variety of nail jewelry on the market.

You can choose from gold, silver, precious, semi-precious, common metal and even plastic jewelry.
Aug 10, 2017
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