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What Is Dip Powder Nails?
Glamour mag has described this nail trend as sitting between a traditional manicure and a fake nail. It gives the effect of a fake acrylic nail without having to go through all the effort involved with them.

Furthermore, one of the main benefits of dip powder nails is that they last for a much longer time than your regular manicure.

We’re talking like nearly a month of perfectly colorful nails here, it’s fantastic.

The process is fairly interesting, and you can clearly see the difference between it and getting acrylic nails.

Normally, if you want some nice long acrylics, you have to go to a salon, and they apply your polish on then stick your fingers under UV rays to dry and seal the color.

With dip powder nails, you use a powder coating instead. The powder sticks to the base coat, and you can keep applying various layers to get a clearer color and match the look of an acrylic nail.
There are absolutely no UV lights involved, which makes it much better for you as UV rays can obviously cause skin damage when exposed for too long.

As well as the long-lasting benefits, many people love dip powder nails because of how affordable they are. The powder itself doesn’t cost a lot, which leads to another benefit in that you can do them at home.

There are also more colors available as it’s much easier to create bright colors using powder compared to gels or other options. (Japanese Dip Powder Manuf)
Mar 13, 2018
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