Nail Art Tutorial#: 119200002
Tutorial for Removing nail polish - Filing off Gel Nail polish
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Jul 12, 2017
Nail Art Tutorial#119200002
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Get a 150 or 180 grit nail file.

You will need a nail file that has enough texture to file off the gel polish. Using a 150 or 180 grit file should be enough.

You can fine this type of file in a beauty supply store
Move the file in one direction over the nail polish.
While holding the nail file in one hand, press the file onto the surface of one of your nails. Then, begin to move the file in swift strokes going in one direction.

As you do this, you should start to see the nail polish come off of your nails.
Continue to file each nail until the gel polish is gone.

After you finish removing the gel polish from your first nail, move to the second one. Then, continue to file each nail until you have filed the polish off of each of them.

•This will take a while, so you might want to do it while listening to a podcast, chatting with a friend, or watching a TV show
Tap on it when you like the nail art
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