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How to Paint with a Crackle Nail Polish
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Jul 19, 2017
Nail Art Tutorial#119900002
Step by Step Tutorial

A short description :

(P.S: Sorry for the bad photos, it was late at night so I had to use my webcam!)


-1 Bright and plain (no shine or sparkle) nail polish of your own choice of colour (I have some of the set of ten be indulged nail polishes I got from Kmart)
Crackle or break up nail polish of your choice of colour which can be sparkly or shiny. (I have three Sally Hanson ones that I got from Priceline. Colours left to right: #12 Star Burst #09 Wave Break #01 Coral Collide)
Towl or rag if you are new to painting nails because it gets a bit messy! (I didn’t use this)

-Some tissues or wet wipes as well to clean up. (I didn’t need to use these either)
*Note: I used these Revlon Nail art Break Up duos but I only used the crackle polish because the plain colour was not what I wanted.

I used the colour affair which is orange from the duo steamy affair. The other Revlon Nail art Break Up duo is called love (green) hurts (silver). And for my base colour, I chose white.

I think that white works best but you can try anything you like! You may have a different polish that’s not white and it works better!
Apply your base colour. Do 2-3 layers so that it is not translucent and very bright. (This will make the crackle affect stand out)
Wait 5-10 minutes (depending on the type of nail polish) and make sure that it is at the very least touch dry (Or the crackle polish will make the base coat run and it will be REALLY messy and look bad too!).
Thickly apply your crackle coat and make sure you do this step quite quickly because depending on your polish, it may crackle straight away and you don’t want to ruin the affect by going over it and stuffing it up.

(And if it looks like you’ve made it clumpy don’t try to smooth it out like I did the first time, it just makes it more clumpy and ruins the affect!)
Watch and wait for the magic to happen leave it to dry for 10-20minutes (and make sure you do, because otherwise it will smudge and look REALLY bad)

You are done! You now have beautiful crackley nails! This is not the sort of look you would wear to work or school but it’s perfect for summer holidays, partys and any other fun occasion you can think of!
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