Nail Art Tutorial#: 121300002
Holographic Nails with using nail powder - Tutorial step by step
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Aug 02, 2017
Nail Art Tutorial#121300002
Step by Step Tutorial

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Holographic nails are sparkly, colorful.. One of the best ways to get them is to use holographic nail powder.

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Get some holographic nail powder.
Do your manicure as usual, starting with a basecoat and finishing with your favorite color.
Apply a layer of non-wipable gel top coat, and wait until it gets rubbery, but not tacky.
Gently tap on the powder, starting from the base of your nail, and working your way towards the top.
Use a soft brush to dust off the excess powder. Gently sweep the brush across your nail, starting from the base and going past the tip in a single stroke.
Apply one more layer of non-wipable top coat. Be sure to sweep it across the top of your nail, as well as down the sides. This will seal your manicure, and prevent it from peeling.
Cure your manicure under a UV light. This should only take about 60 seconds. Once it is done, your nails are ready to show off.
Tap on it when you like the nail art
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