Nail Art Study Reports
Matte polish is not shiny. Whereas most polishes in the market have a shiny or pearly finish, matte polishes are dry, sooth and flat. They give an edgy look, especially the most popular shades of matte that are darker.
Many people tend to confuse acrylics and gels. They can hardly tell the difference especially between hard gels and acrylics. Gels and acrylics family. Acrylics are special type of monomers and/or oligomers and/or polymers used to create nail enhancements.
They are daring, fierce and bold. They come in an oval shape but are sculpted and more pointed than rounded at the tip. See how talons look like? That’s stiletto nails. They come in long and short sizes, whichever is your preference. Stiletto nails are an instant trend. We’ve seen Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner rock them, but this trend is not new.
We’ve seen the square, oval, squoval and stiletto shapes and now it is time to try out a new design; the almond shape. It resembles the almond from which it borrows its name Almond shape is rounded edge that is tapered at the tip. The sides are thin but the base is wide. The nail then comes to a point at the top. A lot of nail length is required to pull off this shape; about 4mm or 5mm from the edge of the nail.